Program Details

Title: Building a Literacy Foundation: Fill Up Your Story Cup 


Savannah Tranguch, Camelview Elementary School, Library Associate

Pamela Rogers, Buttons & Figs, Director

Date/Time: Friday, October 20, 10:45 am - 11:45 am

Room: 102/103

Program Description

Student storytelling, interactive read-alouds, and make believe play are valuable methods for developing reading interest and motivation in school libraries. During the 2022/23 school year, two kindergarten and two first grade classes were given additional time in the library each week in order to story play. The Fill Up Your Story Cup Program was designed to center the library space as a place to increase reading motivation and interest. With the additional time, students were given storytelling resources to inspire them to create their own stories and to share their own ideas.  The program received a grant from Arizona Humanities to help support the story play activities throughout the year.

During this session participants will:

  • Learn about the program’s design and story play concept and how the program was enhanced through partnerships
  • Learn about the partnerships with AZ Humanities and Buttons & Figs
  • Hear the methods library staff utilized to advocate for additional library time, develop library outcome measures, and build pathways towards better measuring the impact of story play and library time

Presenter Bios

Savannah Galaviz-Tranguch is a dedicated wife, mother and a passionate advocate for early childhood education. Savannah's love for reading was ignited during her own elementary school years, thanks to an inspiring librarian. In 2017, Savannah's dedication to promoting literacy led to the discovery of Buttons and Figs, a podcast that combines storytelling and creativity to engage young minds. She is currently a librarian in the Madison School District.

Pamela Rogers inspired kids to read, write and record literary nonsense for her podcast, Buttons & Figs. She loved inspiring kids to express themselves through poetry and wordplay and amplifying their creativity for her show. Listeners to her show will hear original wordplay written and recorded by kids, interviews with poets and wordplay authors, short wordplay challenges, and original sketch comedy.

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